Year in Review: 2022 Reflections, Results and Resolutions in the Resolute way

2022 Reflections, Results and Resolutions in the Resolute way

Every January, millions of people reflect on the past year, what they have or have not achieved and what needs to happen to achieve their goals. Every year, millions of New Year Resolutions around the globe are made.

Reflecting is the best way to track progress, evaluate growth and measure success in order to set the right goals for the next year. When it comes to looking back on the highlights, the maxima Resolute Software stands by is “Show, don’t tell”, so here is the review of their intergalactic achievements for 2022.


The Resolution-makers

In 2022, our space crew tripled in size. One of the most important stars we reached, was the 200% employee growth. 200% more Resoluters. 200% more Resolution-makers ready to achieve and thrive together.

Our company may be almost 4 years old, but our team’s experience sums up to more than 300+ years in development and consulting, 300+ years of overcoming challenges, collaborating and living up to our responsibilities.

Not only that, but we value equality. That’s why the women to men ratio in Resolute is 50:50.

With that force in our favor, we are headed for success! We are closer to being 99 and we believe 2023 will be the year for creating even happier teams and for finding like-minded people.

Our motto is to work together but also have as much fun and we are already planning the next team-building events!

Resolute Software team


Our Spaceship on Earth

For every family, there is no place like home. For every team, there is no place like their own office. Since we doubled our team size last year and added some amazing Fortune 500 companies to our client list, we outgrew our old space. In August we welcomed the Resoluters to our new office – filled with natural light, and comfortable spaces for collaboration and brainstorming. We like to think of it as a home away from home.

We now have one more reason to be happy – our place where the magic happens, where we work, laugh, create and be #happyresoluters together.


Resolute Software office

Resolute Facelift

As a digital transformation partner for our clients, we believe the transformation should begin inside first, so in no case could we allow our brand to look outdated.

That is why we decided to renew our logo. We wanted it to indirectly tell stories about our work and convey a sense of innovation, trust, and stability. We balanced sharp and rounded shapes and choose the right color shades that create an association with high technology and modernity.

We strongly believe in “the power of simplicity” and we decided to drop “software” from the company logo. The definition has worked for us for the past three years, giving more clarity to our business and expertise. We wanted to have a look & feel that is more modern and that could help us stand out among the rest of the players on the market.

We are confident that our new identity will strengthen our image as a modern and trustful global IT consultant.


New Departments and New Services

Along with growing our team in numbers, we made changes to the company structure and services. Being flexible and constantly transforming according to the market’s pulse allows us to provide top-notch quality services to our customers as well as better work experience for our colleagues.

“We win partnerships with attitude, high expertise, flexibility, and speed.”

We are excited to announce that we have just added React and Blazor development services to our portfolio! Our team’s expertise ensures that every project we work on is built using the best practices, is maintainable, and takes advantage of all the features that the frameworks offer.

We have also launched a new PM/PO/Service Delivery Division that will be responsible for managing projects from start to finish, ensuring that clients get what they need on time and on budget. Along with that, we have a newly established QA Division to ensure the quality of all our developments.


2023 Resolutions

As we look forward to the new year, we must remember that resolutions are an opportunity to be better versions of ourselves, both as individuals and as a company. In 2023, we are taking care of our physical and mental health. We are prioritizing our happiness and well-being at work even more and we are focusing on personal growth, freedom and efficiency. As one family.

Business and financial goals are easily reached when you have a motivated team and your customers’ trust.

Houston, 2022 is officially behind us and we are taking off to 2023 at full speed! 🚀 Do you want to join us onboard?


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