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The founders of Resolute Software

Hristo Georgiev, Veli Pehlivanov and Atanas Simeonov – founders of Resolute Software


How did it all start?

In 2019 Hristo Georgiev, Veli Pehlivanov and Atanas Simeonov set the beginning of the Resolute Software startup. Their ultimate underlying belief? – High expertise and quality services is the only way forward. Joining forces with the experienced entrepreneur, the two “Telerik” veterans give life to Resolute Software, as part of the larger Ocean Investments family. As a result, Resolute combines both the charming dynamic of a startup along with the corporate world’s best practices and lessons learnt.


Today Resolute Software is a very successful boutique IT services business.

The company offers comprehensive software engineering development and consulting by focusing on agile, continuous, and predictable delivery of solutions to help clients expand their digital footprint. Resolute enables clients to modernize, innovate, transform, and succeed through IT consulting, web and mobile app development, custom software development, modernizing legacy systems, facilitating cloud migrations, providing UI/UX design, and creating continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) models.


Here’s what Hristo, Veli and Atanas discussed with Capital:

  • Resolute Software turned 3 this year, and is already operating through its USA and Netherlands branches. What are the company’s business goals and what kind of services does it offer to clients?
  • Among Resolute Software’s clients are companies from the “Fortune 500” list, state institutions and healthcare organizations – all of which quite conservative in their choice for service providers. How does a young company like Resolute manage to win their trust?
  • It is no secret that Resolute Software is two-times winner of Heartcount’s “happiest employees” award. What qualities does Resolute look for in its employees, and how are talents chosen? How does the company communicate its unique culture and values?
  • In 2020 Resolute Software worked on a project with global importance for healthcare. What was the nature of the solution provided?
  • It’s a tough landscape packed with corporate software giants – does Resolute Software benefit from its Telerik experience?


For answers to those questions and more – read the full interview with Hristo Georgiev, Veli Pehlivanov and Atanas Simeonov here.

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