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Ocean Investments' values

Ocean Investments is a family-owned investment holding that has a portfolio of over 10 companies in the field of cybersecurity, technology, digital health, and innovation. Throughout the years, our growth has been remarkable. As we reflect on our journey, we recognize that our success stems from a unifying force—our shared values. These values not only shape our philosophy and culture but also set us apart. Not due to their uniqueness, but because we genuinely live by them. We celebrated our values on June 8th, World Oceans Day, by formally presenting them to our colleagues.

Our values hold profound significance for both me and the entire Ocean group. They are the hearth around which we gather and unite. There we find the common language between us, the principles that move us forward,” explains Atanas Simeonov, Founder of Ocean Investments.

Guided by our convictions, we’ve identified five core values: Health, Ocean Guild, Freedom, Righteousness, and Happiness. We’ve harnessed these values as the driving force behind our pursuit of success. They serve as our compass, directing our actions both within and beyond the company.


The cornerstone we never compromise on. We recognize that health is foremost a primary responsibility to ourselves. We understand that prioritizing it lays the groundwork for happiness. That’s why we have a strong focus on health within our holding. We have established a health center and extended free medical care to all employees and their families.

Being in optimal mental and physical health is also an essential element of our program. Driven by this commitment, we’ve instituted internal programs to foster development and maintain work-life balance. We frequently invite various speakers and health experts to share their insights with our teams, motivating them to prioritize self-care. On Ocean Day, we had the privilege of learning from Doychin Kurshovski, a renowned wellness and performance coach in the USA.

Ocean Guild

We are a community of like-minded people who support each other and always stand together and united. Our daily actions reaffirm that communal well-being takes precedence over individual interests. We act as one. We believe that true fulfillment and happiness arise from taking part in a community where people interact and collaborate — Our Guild.

That’s why during Ocean Day, we invited our colleagues to bring their kids and families, to have fun and spend time together, fostering an even stronger and more supportive community within our Ocean group.


We respect individual autonomy, allowing talents to flourish. However, our understanding of freedom also means taking ownership and full responsibility of our actions. This freedom empowers us to unleash our creative potential and achieve our goals with no limits. We strive to attract like-minded individuals who share the same notion of freedom and expand our knowledge and experience together.

During Ocean Day, we invited a true representative of this value to share his unique story with us —Stefan Ivanov. He and his son sailed across the entire Atlantic Ocean to support a cause close to their heart – organ donation.


This value defines the behavior that we strive to cultivate and grow within our organization. It includes ten practices that guide our personal growth and ethical conduct. Our commitment extends to not influencing others in a negative way, ego management, and ensuring our actions aren’t driven by fear or uncertainty. We strive for constant development. We trust and respect each other.

Georgia Nikolova elaborated on this value during Ocean Day, discussing faith and gratitude. She shared insights into beliefs, kindness, and spiritual growth.


We strive to build a culture of awareness and positivity, where each team member feels they bring value to work every day. We prioritize the happiness of everyone working with us. We use a platform that provides transparency into personal and professional contentment. Additionally, we’ve designed processes to prevent the emergence of tension and negativity within teams. Effective communication and openness are values we uphold. We organize diverse events within and outside the office, fostering moments of shared joy.

This was evident during our Ocean Day, which we celebrated with games and sports. The youngest members of the Ocean Guild, the children of our employees, displayed curiosity, asking attendees what happiness meant to them.

These values are embedded into Ocean Investments’ DNA. We strive to extend these principles beyond our group. You can witness our endeavors, causes, meetings, and events on our newly established page – Life at Ocean. Immerse yourself in our world and become a part of the Ocean Guild experience.

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