Evaluating Your Startup’s Potential (Featuring AMATAS)

The Problem Identification Series (Part 3)

Ready for the grand finale of ‘The Problem Identification Series’? If Parts 1 and 2 got your gears turning on pinpointing and uncovering startup problems, Part 3 is where things really get interesting. This time, we’re zooming in on how to tackle those problems head-on. We’ll break down a practical framework for classifying startup challenges—because […]

A How-To Guide on Finding Your Startup’s Problem (Featuring OMNIO)

The Problem Identification Series (Part 2)

Stepped into the world of ‘The Problem Identification Series’ and found yourself pondering the essence of startup success? Great! In Part 1, we explored the critical terrain of identifying the right problem, reminding you WHY it’s the cornerstone of building a successful venture. We also shed light on the common pitfalls that entrepreneurs face on […]

Finding Problems, Dodging Pitfalls (Featuring Allatra)

The Problem Identification Series (Part 1)

Have you ever heard of a solution looking for a problem? We certainly have. In fact, 99% of the startup pitches that come across our desks seem to be playing a game of hide and seek with the actual problem they’re aiming to solve. A lot of investors feel like they’re being handed a Swiss […]

How Startups Strike Gold with the Flexibility of Family Offices

What if we told you that family offices (such as Ocean Investments) are the Vin Diesel of the investment world, famously echoing the Fast & Furious franchise sentiment, “There’s nothing stronger than family” that’s seen more memes than a startup founder has seen pivots? And, no, we’re not implying that family offices are pulling off […]