let's future together

Are we the right match?

Are we right for each other? We are looking for some specific things in a partner...

On a business level

On a business level, we look for founders with a great idea or early-stage tech start-ups in one of the five areas below:

  • Security
  • Health
  • Estate
  • Food
  • Education
On a personal level

On a personal level, we look for:

  • Like-minded individuals to build great companies with
  • Honest, humble, intelligent people
  • People who are committed, driven, ambitious and resilient
  • No big egos!
On the idea level

On the idea level, we would like to invest in companies or ideas that:

  • Create a positive impact and change the business or social environment
  • Have the strong potential to be scaled to a global level, and show potential to break even within 12-24 months post-investment
  • Have a great team behind them – at least someone looking after the business operations, but ideally they’ll also have a tech person with serious domain knowledge
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Pitch deck

It's time for you to tell us your unique story. The following questions will help you structure your pitch deck, which you can submit using the form below.

What problem have you identified, and how are you planning to solve it?

Why is your team best suited to provide a solution to this problem?

In 10 years, your startup is thriving beyond all your expectations. What does success look like?

What's next?

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