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Digitalk 2022

It is still unclear what the post-Covid world would look like. However, what’s certain is that the pandemic has accelerated fundamental transformation and forced businesses to embrace technologies and reimagine almost every facet of their operations.

2022 will be a year of moving forward, and we all will witness even more tech advancements and tectonic shifts in how we live and do business.

All Industries, from healthcare and education to finance and manufacturing, will speed up the change, continuing to turn the crisis into a vast opportunity and become future-ready companies: more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable.

Last month DigitalK Conference, organized by Economedia, showed top trends, innovations and technology breakthroughs that are shaping the future.

On the stage, we saw leading creative minds, entrepreneurs, and investors with bright ideas and vision to inspire and help companies unleash value and positive change in their path to growth.

Our founder Atanas Simeonov participated as a moderator at the conference in a panel discussion with Vassil Terziev, Managing Partner at Eleven Ventures, Evgeny Angelov, Chairman of BVCA – Bulgarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, Dobromir Ivanov, Chairman at BESCO – The Bulgarian Startup Association and Hristo Stoyanov, Regional Manager at the European Investment Fund.

Dedicated to the idea of changing the Bulgarian ecosystem, they shared their common thoughts about the investment flow thet expect to come to Bulgaria – whether it reaches start-up companies and how it will affect the Bulgarian ecosystem. They all expressed a strong desire to contribute to a positive change in the business environment.

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