Atanas Simeonov and Radoy Pavlov at Digital Health Forum

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On a global level, healthcare is one of the last frontiers where digital modernization is steadily changing the landscape with new business models while also transforming health systems with different technology strategies and digital tools. The good news is that even in small countries such as Bulgaria, the importance of digital health is getting higher. 

The first steps toward digitalization in our home country have finally been made through the electronic prescription. It is also expected that e-health files, and electronic administration of health care for both health care providers and patients will soon be rolled out.

However, there is much more to be achieved in this sector (telemedicine, evolving diagnostics, in-silico solutions, etc.) which opens up the space for more innovation and the opportunities for startups to attract more capital.

Last month, our founder Atanas Simeonov participated in The Digital Health Forum organized by Economedia in Tech Park, Sofia. He was moderating a key-note discussion by Radoy Pavlov about digital healthcare being a path to quality in public medicine. 

Radoy is working in the IT sector for 25 years now, gaining experience in big corporations in Germany and Switzerland (Infosys, UBS, Capco). Currently, he is the Head of Enterprise Architecture at the University Hospital in Zurich – one of the world’s most innovative and digitalized health care enterprises. His work allows him to build a holistic view of the possibilities of modern healthcare and undertake the tough yet important challenge – the transformation of the health system in Bulgaria into a sustainable digital ecosystem. Radoy is part of Ocean Investments’ health tech advisory team.

Some of the topics they covered were: 

  • What are the digital processes in healthcare
  • What challenges does everyone in our healthcare system face
  • The way we look at treatment or diagnosis across the whole digital spectrum
  • What are the methods of supporting each other along the long road to achieving this common and crucial goal


To bring all these questions to life Radoy shared many valuable examples from the highly technological hospital in Zurich.

The combination of technological advances, artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization, and biology opens up new possibilities within health tech for more modern diagnostic solutions and more adaptive, personalized devices. And the focus is now shifting to prevention services, driven by digitalization and technological progress.

These are all topics the Ocean investments team wants to dig in, so if you have an idea in healthtech that can transform the future, get in touch.

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