Ivaylo Kunev | The Leaders: The Forgotten Stories of Bulgaria

On March 3rd, we shared an unforgettable conversation with Ivaylo Kunev.

In Leaders: The Forgotten Stories of Bulgaria, Ivaylo Kunev collects fourteen inspiring stories of significant Bulgarians and presents fourteen leadership models to follow to achieve your goals.

The author tells emotionally about the entrepreneurship, freedom-loving, courage, resourcefulness and charisma of great Bulgarian personalities and encourages you to find in them your role models.

About the author

Denitsa Kostova

Denitsa is a senior marketing leader, consultant, strategic thinker, and brand storyteller. During her professional career, she has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, firstly on the client and then on the agency side (Deloitte, Henkel, McKinsey, P&G, Johnson&Johnson, SwissRe, Verisure). This combined experience has given her a rare chance to understand cross-functional business challenges from the inside out and be able to provide top-class consulting advice. She is passionate about innovation and is always ready to take on a new challenge and help companies build stronger relationships with their customers through digital marketing and technology.

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