Interview: The Goal of Ocean Investments Is to Enhance the Ecosystem and Improve the Quality of Life in Bulgaria

Atanas Simeonov of Ocean Investments

In an insightful interview in, for the special edition Capital 30, Ocean Investments’ CEO, Atanas Simeonov of Ocean Investments, shares his vision about improving Bulgaria’s ecosystem and quality of life through thoughtful investments in real estate, cybersecurity, and healthcare.

Your key takeaways about Ocean Investments:

  • Diverse Portfolio with a Unified Vision: Ocean Investments operates in three seemingly disparate sectors – cybersecurity, healthcare technology, and real estate. However, their common thread is a commitment to making a positive impact in these areas, aligning with their vision for a “business with a cause.”
  • A Healthcare Transformation Mission: Ocean Investments’ primary cause is to revolutionize healthcare in Bulgaria by shifting the focus from profit-driven models to those that prioritize people’s health and prevention. Our main goal is to reverse Bulgaria’s alarming mortality trends.
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship: Ocean Investments actively supports and partners with startups, contributing to the evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria. We envision the country having a world-class business university within the next decade.
  • Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity: We emphasize the importance of digitalization in businesses, while also acknowledging the need for educating individuals and organizations in this domain.
  • Digital and Green Future for Real Estate: We envision a “digital and green future” for real estate, focusing on improving property management efficiency and harmonizing real estate with ecological principles. We are kicking our first project in this space really soon.
  • Thirty Years of Impact: Looking ahead, our company aims to remain a vibrant, relevant, and impactful player in the business landscape for the next 30 years. We are committed to our causes and aspire to set the right example.

Read the full interview here:

Our vision is propelled by the values encoded in our company’s DNA. You can discover the pillars that shape our culture HERE and you can read more interviews with Atanas Simeonov HERE and HERE.

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