The Adventure of Working as a Happiness Manager

Alexandra Metodieva, Happiness Manager at Ocean Investments

Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion at Ocean Investments, it is a fundamental value that runs deep within our corporate culture. We believe that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our employees in many different ways, some of which are out of the box, such as our very own Happiness Manager – Alexandra Metodieva. Learn more about her in the next lines.  

Who Is Alexandra?

Alexandra is a statistician and pedagogue with a deep passion for nature and the mountains. Her mission at Ocean Investments is to ensure the Happiness and well-being of her colleagues. She organizes team-building events, sports, cultural activities, charity work, and volunteering initiatives to increase team enthusiasm.  

What Does Happiness Mean To Alexandra?

For Alexandra, the concept of Happiness is unlimited, and she approaches her role with unwavering passion. She firmly believes that shared emotions have the power to unite people the best way and often takes the office to serene mountain cabins or seaside locations for a refreshing change of scenery. Her innovative ideas and the freedom to bring them to life significantly impacts our employees’ Happiness. 

What Does the Ocean Guild Think About Alexandra’s Work as a Happiness Manager?

Alexandra’s colleagues at Ocean Investments truly value her contributions to the company. They recognize that her role goes above and beyond traditional HR duties, prioritizing building personal connections and fostering genuine interactions with them. At Ocean Investments, her invaluable contribution is the key to promoting Happiness and cultivating a positive work environment.  

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Stay happy, folks! 😉

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