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Transforming health for sustained well-being and longevity

As ancient Greek physician Herophilus said, “When health is absent wealth becomes useless”. We strongly believe in this mantra and consider investing in health as an investment in the wider economy. However, we are different from other health investors because we have elevated health as а personal mission, not just a business one. Our goal is for Bulgarians to be healthier. By investing in the right healthcare projects we want to help reduce the mortality statistics in our country which are among the highest in the world – by 2032. Our main focus will be on health promotion and disease prevention, using science and technology to empower and educate people to lead healthier lives. If you share the same passion as us, let’s talk!

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Our team of health experts are passionate about promoting longevity, establishing effective routines, and developing transformative healthcare products. Our ambition is to disrupt the healthcare industry.

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Digital technologies in the core

We believe that digital technologies, AI, and blockchain offer great potential for healthcare. Our goal is to improve health by investing in healthcare projects that focus on prevention and using state-of-the-art technology.

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