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Investing in the Future of Food. We support mission-driven entrepreneurs using science and technology to tackle key elements of the entire value chain of food innovation.

Food as medicine

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Transforming food for a limitless tomorrow

Food is essential for our existence, and its significance goes beyond mere sustenance. Our well-being, health, and even survival depend on it. In today’s unstable times, investing in the future of food has become imperative. As a family investment company, we are committed to supporting mission-driven entrepreneurs who address the critical challenges in the entire value chain of the food industry using innovation, science and technology. By investing in companies that view food as medicine, health, and survival, we can make a positive impact on the future of humanity, making it more secure and predictable. If you share the same passion as we do, let’s meet!

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Our experienced Food team combines science, technology and business to solve complex problems in food sustainability, technology, and even space food.

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