Let's future together!

The future belongs to the brave. We would like to partner with like-minded people who have the ambition to change the future by creating a positive impact.
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Our key verticals

We seek to invest in smart entrepreneurs or early-stage tech start-ups with great ideas and global ambitions in 5 main sectors: security, health, estate, food, and education.

What we look for

On a business level
  • Founders with a great idea


  • Early-stage tech start-ups in tech start-ups in one of our 5 focus areas: security, health, estate, food, and education
On a personal level
  • Like-minded individuals to build great companies with


  • Honest, humble, intelligent people


  • People who are committed, driven, ambitious and resilient


  • No big egos
On the idea level
  • Ideas that create a positive impact


  • Ideas that have strong potential to be scaled to a global level and show potential to break even within 12-24 months post-investment


  • Have a great team behind – at least someone looking after the business operations, but ideally also a tech person with serious domain knowledge
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Why partner with us?


We talk ideas. We are visionaries, just like you are. We will not be impressed by a simple investor deck and spreadsheet with detailed data – we want to go far beyond that with you and talk about how you see your idea transforming the future and what kind of impact you want to create.

Strategic growth

This is the place where three decades of experience meets innovation. We will give you the expertise and strategic direction you need. We will help you set the right direction with solid business and industry know-how.

A powerful network

We help entrepreneurs realize their own vision and scale up rapidly, thanks to our wide range of contacts across various fields, industries, and markets. We also have an amazing team of experts by our side to help scale businesses quickly where and when they need to.


Starting from day one, we commit to long-term partnerships. We will stand by you through all the agony and ecstasy of rapid growth. We refuse to be just another investor who sends you money and shows up at board meetings to provide “advice.” Our mission is to empower you with actionable, aligned, and strategic support throughout your journey.

Team focused

We will help you build a winning team thanks to our unique approach of bringing in the right talent for every specific business need.

Being open

We will be completely honest with you and speak our minds, speak from the hearts, and share our gut instincts, even when it’s hard to hear.
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The companies we funded

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It’s your turn!

We can't wait to hear from you