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Radoy Pavlov @TheSuperHumanPodcast

Born in Varna, Radoy Pavlov studied in Berlin and currently is the head of corporate architecture at the University Hospital in Zurich. He is an honorary member of the DHI Cluster, with the lifetime vocation of driving healthcare digitization.

In June 2022, Radoy joined the advisory board of Ocean Investments as an expert on all topics related to the technological development of healthcare in our country.

In his interview with Georgi Nenov at The Superhuman Podacst, Radoy Pavlov shares many valuable insights & advice from his life and work.


Watch the full interview here to learn more about:

  • Who is Radoy Pavlov?
  • What is the difference between electronic and digitized healthcare?
  • Radoy’s path: from Varna to Zurich.
  • Why is Berlin the place for continued education?
  • How did Radoy’s first job shape him?
  • Radoy’s advice to any young person.
  • Was there a moment when Radoy wanted to return to Bulgaria?


[00:08:11] – Today’s generation has an incredible chance to realize their ideas.

  • How did Radoy’s IT career start in Germany?
  • How did Radoy find his mentor and teacher?
  • A major change in career direction – but why?
  • What is the most essential thing about mentoring?
  • How did Radoy end up at the University Hospital in Zurich?


[00:30:39] – More often than not, luck is something you invoke.

  • True love for motorcycles.
  • Among other things, Radoy is also a book author.
  • How do the analogue and digital drug creation processes compare?
  • What is risk management?
  • What does the future of healthcare look like?
  • How can “Dr Google” be defeated?


[01:50:49] – Personalized medicine doesn’t mean there’s a pill just for you. Rather, it means there is a pill for 1000 people like you.

  • How does parenting help Radoy?
  • What is enterprise architecture?
  • How does Radoy stay healthy?
  • Are there people who inspire him?
  • How to make Bulgaria a happier and better place?


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