Atanas Simeonov Unveils His Blueprint for Success: Adaptability, Values, and Vision

Atanas Simeonov of Ocean Investments

Let’s introduce Atanas Simeonov, the dynamic force at the helm of Ocean Investments. His innovative ideas, dedicated work, and inspiring vision have significantly influenced the company’s direction. Boasting 30 years of professional experience and a track record of extraordinary business accomplishments, Atanas is the epitome of a successful investor.

Today, we get an intimate look at the man behind the title—a seasoned investor with a distinctive viewpoint. Atanas offers a glimpse into his professional path, reflecting on his challenges and embracing the profound wisdom of the ’24-hour rule.’

He seeks only good health, aware that destiny has its plans for everyone, irrespective of our desires. He firmly believes that expectations have no place in a fulfilling life. Instead, he opts to relish the present, savoring life as it unfolds. Delve into Atanas’s insights and discoveries in the interview below:

What were the key factors that contributed to the growth of Ocean Investments in 2023?

The highlight for me last year was witnessing our management and team reach a level of maturity. It’s gratifying to see our collective efforts bearing fruit. I’m thrilled that we’ve cultivated a united, joyful business family. Each of our companies continued to grow and achieve great things. However, the most significant achievement was our unification around shared values and culture.

I’m convinced that this unity is key to our business success. We’ve established five core values: health, happiness, freedom, righteousness, and the Ocean Guild. It’s uplifting to see more and more team members embrace these principles, living them out daily. I believe that success, in business or in life, is impossible without a set of clear values and a vision to guide us. These values act as our compass, illuminating the way when we’re adrift. We should remember that deviating from our path is, after all, part of being human.

The past year was incredibly busy, and I was astonished by how much we achieved. I’m grateful for the chance to work with such driven individuals, to grow alongside them, and to learn something new every day.

What are you thankful for and what lessons have you learned?

I am deeply thankful for the support of my family, exceptional colleagues, and friends. This year has presented its share of challenging lessons, but I am grateful for them as well. Every difficulty I faced was just right – sufficiently challenging to push me out of my comfort zone, yet not overwhelming. I’m happy about this because, let’s be honest, it’s the challenges that truly foster our growth.

Speaking of challenges, how do you approach them?

I’ve learned that maintaining composure is crucial during challenging times. This wasn’t always my approach. In my earlier years, unexpected situations would knock me off balance, and it would take me time to recover.

Now, I adhere to the ‘24-hour rule‘: I give myself a full day to reflect, consider different perspectives, and seek advice. I try not to react impulsively or let emotions dictate my response. I remind myself: what’s done is done. The focus should be on what I can do moving forward. After a week or two, I revisit the situation for a final assessment. We often have behavioral patterns which, if recognized and altered, can significantly aid us and prevent recurring issues in the future.

Every situation has its positives and negatives, elements that harm us and those that benefit us. Often, we tend to focus on what we lose, rather than what we gain. This mindset is not just harmful; it’s also painfully unproductive.

You’re known for being highly active. What inspires you and drives you forward?

I guess it’s just part of who I am, maybe even a bug. Curiosity drives me. I’m eager to see what each new day brings and what the next big thing will be. Lately, I’ve been trying to scale down my workload to focus more on my key ideas and objectives. I believe it’s better to start something and see how it unfolds rather than spend too much time planning and pondering. I’m no longer a fan of over-planning.

Of course, understanding what you’re doing is essential, but extensive planning isn’t always necessary. It’s more important to take action. Our plans often represent a romanticized vision of the future, assuming ideal conditions. But realistically, many factors are beyond our control.

Take our plans for 2020, for example. They were ambitious, but then the pandemic hit, and everything changed. Despite that, we managed to achieve even better results, ones we hadn’t initially planned for. This was possible because we were adaptable. I believe adaptability is a crucial trait for everyone on our team. It’s something we aim to foster and develop further.

What’s on the horizon for Ocean Investments in 2024?

We’re all cognizant of the robust business structure we’ve established at Ocean Investments. This year, our primary aim is to consolidate our efforts in line with our strategic business plan. Our approach will be anchored in three main pillars: focus, values, and purpose. There will be a concerted emphasis on upholding our values, practices, and the overarching culture throughout our organization. My personal mission is to engage in activities that resonate with and benefit all of us, fostering our collective well-being rather than detracting from it. The key is to have a unified vision and direction. We’re prepared to adapt our methods to achieve our objectives, responding flexibly to changing circumstances.

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