A Permanent Fix for Cybersecurity: Myth or Reality? Boris Goncharov of AMATAS Weighs In

“What should we do when faced with technology that is fundamentally unfamiliar to us?” Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer at AMATAS, one of Ocean Investments’ portfolio companies, asked this question at CyberSecurity Forum 2023. The Capital event was held on November 16 at Sofia Tech Park (+ online), and AMATAS was a proud strategic partner that helped bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the future of cybersecurity. Of course, the constantly evolving interplay of AI and cybersecurity was the main focus of the event.

One of the definitive highlights of the forum was the keynote delivered by Boris Goncharov. We at Ocean Investments loved his talk so much that we thought: “Why not share his insights with the world?” And so, world, here you go: read on to catch a glimpse of cybersecurity’s evolving battlefield as viewed through the eyes of a true cybersecurity virtuoso.

Cybersecurity Today: Solutions at Every Corner, but So What?

AI is the talk of the town these days, and chances are, the technology will continue to make headlines for years to come. As exciting as AI is, though, the new tech brings a plethora of challenges. For one, AI is still hugely unknown. So, let’s go back to Boris’ question: what should we do when faced with technology that is fundamentally unfamiliar to us?

Boris acknowledges that privacy is evolving, morphing into something quite different. Until now, our biggest concern has been social networks and how they monetize our data. Naturally, cybersecurity experts are tirelessly working to find solutions. And in the business world, the instinctive response to any problem, whether you’re an expert or not, is to seek a solution. According to Boris, oftentimes, our approach is to try to buy our way out of the problem – purchasing technology, hoping it works and that it sets everything right.

But here’s some food for thought – is this approach still viable in today’s world and in the future? Boris jokingly says that if someone were to try and list all the purchasable cybersecurity products and solutions available right now, it would likely take them about a year to complete the task – there are that many.

This illustrates the overwhelming array of technological choices and software solutions business leaders and organizations face. It’s impossible to know which is the right choice. How can one solve their company’s specific problems? The market is saturated with solutions, making it extremely difficult to navigate and find the right approach. Clearly, this method is not effective. If you try to evaluate each of these solutions, no company on this planet could afford to buy them all and make them work to solve the problem at hand. Which brings us to the most important question…

Can We Ever Fully Solve Cybersecurity?

Yes, this is the BIG question. Is cybersecurity a solvable puzzle? Boris likes to keep it real.

“It’s high time we acknowledge that there is no ultimate solution to cybersecurity, nor will there be one in the future. It’s an unsolvable problem. The best we can do is attempt to minimize our exposure to threats”, Goncharov shared in his keynote.

How Far Will AI Go?

One of the key concerns Boris has is the impact that the new technologies, like AI, will have on future generations. People have started forming genuine relationships through generative and artificial intelligence – a phenomenon unheard of before. Here, we’re talking about real emotional connections. And all of this is data processed by technology. Boris imagines a future where technology evolves to the point where it could even access our dreams. This leads to the question: can our intimate thoughts and experiences remain isolated from the technological world, or will they, too, become accessible?

The attendees of CyberSecurity Forum 2023 had the pleasure of witnessing a live showcase of a program developed by Boris and his team at AMATAS. The program acts as a Brain-Computer Interface and collects data from your thoughts and imaginings, and upon a certain mental event, it interprets the signal, connects with ChatGPT, and automatically generates a prompt responding to a question or specific event. This is a basic integration, more of a playful experiment, but in the future, Boris expects such integrations to be commonplace.

Navigating the Cyber Minefield: Future Threats to Watch

Here’s what Goncharov and other field experts anticipate when it comes to tomorrow’s digital dangers:

  • Trust collapse
  • Exponential misinformation
  • Exponential fraud and crime
  • Reality collapse
  • Synthetic intimacy
  • Evolving malware
  • Cyber-attack upskilling
  • Cyber kill chain automation
  • Exponential fake child porn
  • Privacy extinction


Boris Goncharov on the cybersecurity threats of tomorrow.
Image Credit: CyberSecurity Forum 2023 Online Event

Crafting the Shield: Future Solutions for Cyber Resilience

And when it comes to his vision of future cybersecurity, Boris highlights the following innovative solutions:

  • Personal AI isolation
  • Mental firewall
  • Synthetic reality protection
  • Predictive cybersecurity
  • Reality verification systems
  • Neural rights and legislation
  • Autonomous security ecosystems
  • Cognitive security
  • Bio-encryption


Boris Goncharov on the cybersecurity solutions of tomorrow.
Image Credit: CyberSecurity Forum 2023 Online Event

Embracing the AI Era: A Step Towards Harmonious Coexistence

Wrapping up our talk on the future solutions for cyber resilience, let’s shift gears a bit. Have you heard folks worrying about AI taking over jobs? Boris Goncharov shed some light on this topic during his session. According to him, it’s not AI we should be wary of but the possibility of being outpaced by others who adeptly wield AI as a tool. The real call to action here is an invitation to dive deep into the realms of this technology, not just to defend against its possible overreach but to harness its immense potential responsibly.

In this journey, the key is balance. We need to engage with AI in a way that enhances rather than diminishes our human experience. In Boris’ own words, it’s about protecting and leveraging our most significant assets – our consciousness, our emotions, our very essence. As part of the Ocean Investments family, AMATAS stands at the forefront of this dialogue, embodying the philosophy that technology should serve humanity, not overshadow it.

So, as we all try to figure out this whole AI thing, it’s pretty neat to have forward-thinkers like Boris Goncharov showing us it’s possible to at least strive to have the best of both worlds.

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