2022: AMATAS’ Year in Review

2022 AMATAS' Year in Review

What a dynamic year for the AMATAS team! They had a great vision and strategy for 2022 and worked hard to achieve their ambitious goals!


Here’s what happened in 2022:

They had the fantastic opportunity to start new businesses and have welcomed around 30 new clients on board. This year they have further strengthened their connection with existing clients and partners and shook hands over win-win deals.

Looking back at the past year, AMATAS had a significant footprint in Cybersecurity Events by co-organizing, speaking at, and attending more than 20 industry forums, expos, and conferences:

  • As a strategic partner of Capital, Economedia, AMATAS takes the most pride in co-organizing the Cybersecurity and Data protection forum 2022 at a bigger scale with multiple global industry experts on-site and online.
  • AMATAS also co-organized Cybersecurity Talks twice in 2022! Having done that, they are becoming part of the support system helping the cybersecurity community in Bulgaria be on the rise.
  • AMATAS’ CEO Marko Simeonov, and CSO, Boris Goncharov, attended the Money20/20 USA event supported by the Bulgarian small and medium enterprises promotion agency (BSMEPA). This initiative helped AMATAS strengthen its brand position in the US market.


AMATAS in the Bulgarian media

Here are some of the titles not to miss out on:


AMATAS’ cybersecurity publications

AMATAS also had their very own numerous cybersecurity publications in the blog section on their website!

The company gladly joined the international cause of creating Cybersecurity Awareness in October and shared tons of valuable content on their Linkedin Page. Their Cybersecurity Threat Report, initiated this year, reaches out to more than 8k users who have subscribed to the AMATAS’ Linkedin Newsletter today!

AMATAS also had its greatest team-building event of all time in 2022 and celebrated with a birthday party six years of making organizations’ digital world cyber secure.

The AMATAS team has grown significantly, and the company is overly excited to welcome even more domain experts in the coming year!

AMATAS is wishing you a very great start to the new year and if you need a successful start in cybersecurity you can always get in touch.


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