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We help turn bold ideas into successful businesses with positive impact.

Our mission

We seek to invest in smart entrepreneurs or early-stage tech start-ups with great ideas and global ambitions in 5 main sectors: security, health, estate, food, and education.
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Who we are

Our company is a global family

We are a family-owned investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. Our mission is to identify and back those bold entrepreneurs with strong ideas that can be delivered by unique technology, customer traction and global ambition. We are dedicated to supporting them in their growth plans, and to help them realize their vision and scale up rapidly. Our focus industries are security, health, estate, food, and education.

Our portfolio

We are proud to partner with exceptional founders

Together we have already transformed bold ideas into successful businesses – and we continue to help build the leading enterprises of tomorrow.






Meet our founder

The man with eyes firmly on tomorrow

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Every day we strive to get better than yesterday and to do a lot more than the best we can, so that tomorrow we will be many times more successful.

Meet the team

Dedication, experience and ambition

From entrepreneurs to software engineers and UX/UI designers, distinguished digital marketers to financiers and investors, we are a diverse and experienced bunch. Together, we uncover and empower the most promising tech founders and stand by them through all the agony and ecstasy of rapid growth.

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